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We are Allscreen Interactive

Allscreen Interactive is a Cross-platform interactive strategy + Web and Digital Marketing solution provider.

Our specialty is establishing your online presence and then getting you found online.

We believe in simplifying the complex and focusing on the BIG PICTURE.

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Researching your brand

Your website would be an online extension of your core business values, aesthetics, tastes and inspirations. Researching your brand is immensely important in shaping how your website looks, communicates and invites potential customers to your brand.

We start by getting to know you and your goals. We work with you to solidify your vision and purpose for your website and what you wish you to achieve from it.

Design that works

The research results in an understanding of the design and aesthetics for your website. Great visual design is the first essential step to engage your audience who is trying to relate with your brand.
From ultra modern, minimalistic, serious to sophisticated, classy and elegant. What would it be?
We will not only build on your existing brand but also take it further. And of course, if needed, we can also design your brand from scratch.

Domain and Hosting configuration

To get your website up and running, you will need to have a domain registered (your company.com) and then connected with your hosting servers. The idea is to save you from the trouble therefore we will handle your domain registration and hosting setup or help you walk through the domain registration and hosting setup process.

SEO best practices

Having your website developed on the WordPress CMS is the best decision you can make in terms of SEO for Google. Our website development includes On-Site SEO Best Practices to help your website rank better in search results.


We develop our websites on a very reliable Content Management System (CMS) that forms the back end of your website. Our choice of CMS is WordPress, which enables us to deliver a website that you or your staff can update and edit easily. This is an extremely powerful platform and would be the best choice for a personal, business or e-commerce store.